Why shared offices can be the solution?

May 16 2024  |   The concept

In the age of hybrid work environment, employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs need to decide whether they prefer the comfort of their home or the dynamic nature of office spaces. The New Future of Work Report by Microsoft indicates that those who opt for home office begin feeling socially isolated over time. The feeling of isolation can be accompanied by guilt over not working enough, leading to attempts to compensate with overworking. Shared offices can solve this problem by providing the blend of hybrid work, flexible working hours, and maintaining the necessary work rhythm.

In the survey Coworking Spaces: The Better Home Office? A Psychosocial and Health-Related Perspective on an Emerging Work Environment, a significant 92% of respondents reported an increase in social interaction in coworking spaces. Furthermore, 89.1% confirmed increase in productivity during work hours thanks to shared offices.

((PDF) Coworking Spaces: The Better Home Office? A Psychosocial and Health-Related Perspective on an Emerging Work Environment (researchgate.net))

What other benefits do shared offices provide?

  • Networking: Shared offices provide a dynamic environment where people can build professional relationships and establish new collaborations. Membership includes various regular community events that provide members with ample networking opportunities.
  • Work freedom: One of the great advantages is the unlimited office access, allowing members to use the workplace around-the-clock. Members do not have to fixate on one workspace – they can use the community area and meeting rooms as needed.
  • Work-life balance: Coworking space makes it easier to separate work from personal life, which helps achieve a healthy work-life balance and maintain a regular work rhythm.
  • Flexibility: Members can choose from various membership packages, that can be tailored to their individual needs. This concept is, therefore, suitable not only for employees and entrepreneurs but also for freelancers and students.  
  • Easy start: Shared offices come fully equipped, which is particularly beneficial for start-up companies and freelancers. Members can thus avoid expenses associated with initial office outfitting.

Our Base4work flexible offices are attractive for their excellent location in the heart of the emerging downtown of Bratislava. The building of Jurkovič Heating Plant, where the BASE concept found its home, adds to the overall appeal. Every creative soul and historical architecture enthusiast will find inspiration in this unique space. The building is perfect for event and training organization, and it houses a gallery, café, and restaurant all under one roof.

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