Jurkovič Heating Plant

The BASE concept is located in a national cultural monument, Jurkovič Heating Plant, which has become the heart of Bratislava's emerging down-town. Our flexible offices have become a home to exciting companies, freelancers, creatives and all those who knowhow important the premises for work are. Every creative soul and historical architecture enthusiast will find something inspiring in this national cultural landmark. In addition, the building also houses a gallery, a café, a restaurant and a venue for various events.

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Lockable secure space focused on clients with higher privacy and security requirements. Serves well to businesses regardless of size. Small, medium or large size is available.






Meeting rooms

Well designed, fully equipped and representative space for your brainstorming, teleconferences or business meetings. Available to members and the public.

Capacity 4 - 8 people

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The past becomes
the center of the future

Jurkovič Heating Plant is a reference to the historical industrial zone of Mlynské nivy, that has been transformed into a new functional use and has become the site for the new SKY PARK zone. Greenery, restaurants, services and relaxation areas are all within short walking distance. The location is well placed near major public transport links, connection to the city ring road and proximity to Danube river, the historic city center and two shopping centers.

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