Welcome to Jurkovič Heating Plant

October 11 2021  |   News & Media

A press conference was held at Jurkovič Heating Plant, which was attended by journalists from Slovak newsrooms. The concept and complexity of the reconstruction of Jurkovič Heating Plant were presented to the media by representatives of three architectural and design studios that collaborated on the project.

Pavol Pauliny, a recent laureate of the CE ZA AR award, spoke on behalf of PAMARCH about the course of the renovation of the building envelope.

Furthermore, Martin Paško from df creative group, responsible for the adaptation of interior spaces, presented the overall design concept which aimed not only to bring life into the building, but also to preserve the original elements and historical spirit of Jurkovič Heating Plant.

The third guest was Ján Antal from the Prague studio PERSPEKTIV which is behind the design of the flexible offices BASE.

Zuzana Aufrichtová - the mayor of Bratislava Old Town, a graduated architect, also accepted the invitation to the media day. She appreciated the work of all those who took part in the reconstruction and thus contributed to the preservation of the cultural heritage in the Old Town.

All three architectural studios, as well as our colleagues from Penta Real Estate, deserve an appreciation for bringing Jurkovič Heating Plant back to life so it can amaze Bratislava residents, visitors and all enthusiasts of industrial architecture for years.

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