The 𝘽𝘼𝙎𝙀 concept connects corporate clients with freelancers

May 1 2021  |   The concept

Penta Real Estate is responding to the growing demand for flexible office space

Through BASE, Penta Real Estate entered a completely new segment in the form of flexible leasing as part of its development activities and began providing this service in its office buildings.

We can see concepts of this type on the Czech and Slovak markets for more than 20 years, but the requirements for the appearance of offices and the level of services are completely different today. The company's management therefore decided to respond to market needs and the increase in demand for flexible office space.

Base in Prague and Bratislava

The possibility of renting on the basis of flexible conditions has been officially operating on the Czech market as part of the Churchill project since 1st February 2020. Another BASE branch is about to open in the first half of this year 2021 in the Jurkovič Heating Plant (Jurkovičova Tepláreň) in Bratislava, renovated as part of the Sky Park project. However, the goals of both projects are the same, namely to address clients for whom the standard model of office rental is not optimal.

Our vision is to create a dynamic work environment that connects several different target groups, from corporate clients to start-ups or freelancers. Although these are two different buildings - the National Cultural Monument in Bratislava and a premium office building in Prague, in both cases it is a quality and fully integrated space in an easily accessible and central location of the city.

Our vision is to create a dynamic work environment that connects several different target groups - from corporate clients to start-ups or freelancers.

A wide range of needs

Another goal of the new platform is to offer flexible spaces as a service, not as a product. In addition to quality working conditions, the premises should offer clients a place to organize events and meet a wide range of current operational needs.

BASE's premises not only serve external clients, but BASE also offers its premises as a certain guarantee or assistance to clients who have their premises in other Penta projects and need to "quickly" place their newly formed team. Or for other reasons, they need to use a temporary work environment without the need for fixation, in fully equipped areas for immediate work.

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