Jurkovič Heating Plant – a legacy of the past, a symbol of the present

June 10 2021  |   Architecture

The functionalist building of Jurkovič Heating Plant is one of the last memories of the golden industrial era in Bratislava. It was put into operation in 1944. The author of this industrial building is, presumably, a notable Slovak architect, Dušan Jurkovič, who is considered to be the founder of Slovak modern architecture.

It is located in the former industrial area between Čulenova, Továrenská and Bottova streets. During one afternoon of June 16, 1944, more than 300 tons of bombs suddenly hit the industrial area and knocked most of the industrial buildings to the ground. Jurkovič Heating Plant was partially hit as well but it was later renovated and brought back to life. Consequently, Jurkovič Heating Plant has acquired an undeniable historical significance for Bratislava.

In 2008, Jurkovič Heating Plant was declared a national cultural monument because of its architectural qualities. Almost 10 years later, after having acquired the ownership of the site, Penta Real Estate began an extensive renovation of the object. From the beginning, the reconstruction was done in a very respectful and precise manner. Its goal was to preserve as many valuable, original artifacts as possible. “The renovation itself was designed in a way that would keep the original parts visible in order to preserve the uniqueness and handwriting of Dušan Jurkovič in its essence.” Erik Páleš, a Business Development Manager.

The building will become available during the summer months of 2021, after the construction work is completed. The majority of the building will be dedicated to BASE flexible offices. BASE concept was designed to create a dynamic workspace that will provide an opportunity for socialization to a wide range of user groups, from corporate clients, start-ups up to freelancers. BASE concept in Jurkovič Heating Plant was designed by the architectural studio Perspektiv, which took inspiration from an urban market. “The environment of a market and all the human interactions that can take place there, were the primary source of inspiration. We carried this idea into a workplace. We wanted to create an imaginary “creative market” where people would offer their ideas. To put it simply - an environment which stimulates creativity.”

Apart from the BASE concept, the rest of the building will be available to public. There will be a restaurant, a café with a gallery and a multifunctional room. Jurkovič Heating Plant altogether with the BASE concept has every potential to turn into a creative community center in Bratislava, right next to the rising Sky Park by Zaha Hadid.

Designer of the building envelope renovation: PAMARCH, spol. s.r.o.

Designer of the adaptive reuse: Architect Martin Paško and the team of DF CREATIVE GROUP, spol. s.r.o.

Designer of the coworking center interior: Architects Ján Antal, Martin Stára and the team of Studio Perspektiv s.r.o.

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